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Galapagos Island Tours & Cruises

Go South Adventures offers Galapagos Island cruises, and Galapagos land tours at a great value. Named after the giant tortoises that live there, the “Enchanted Isles” of the Galapagos lie 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador. This one of a kind ecosystem supports an extraordinary array of plants, animals and geology. Galapagos is Ecuador’s largest national park consisting of 18 volcanic islands and 40 islets. This wonderful environment creates an opportunity for exceptional wildlife contact and photos. Ever since Charles Darwin sparked his theory of evolution here, the Galapagos Islands continues to intrigue adventurers.

Galapagos Itinerary Schedules – All boats run on a Galapagos National Park approved schedule where island landing sites, without human populations, are visited once every 15 days. This decision by the Galapagos National Park agency has been enacted in order to reduce pressure on heavily visited tourist sites, for the ultimate benefit of the Galapagos endemic flora and fauna.

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