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Paracas, Nazca, Ballestas (3D)

Extension Tours are only offered in conjunction with our full Peru tours.

Heading south from Lima, the Pan-American highway takes us to the bayside town of Paracas. Using Paracas as our home base, we enjoy a flight over the famous Nazca Lines (flight included in price). It is believed the Pre-Inca Nazca culture drew these representational figures and lines in the desert. The mystery of their meaning and function is only compounded by the fact that they can only be viewed, in their entirety, from the air. In the afternoon you may enjoy access to your hotel activities (pool, kayaks, exercise room, etc…), walk into the nearby small town of Paracas where you can dine on fresh caught seafood, shop or stroll the short beach promenade. Before your return to Lima, you will have a boat tour of the Ballestas Islands (“Mini-Galapagos”) to observe the birds and marine life of Paracas National Reserve. Though Paracas is only 3.5 hrs from Lima, this tour feels worlds away.

**Optional – 2 Day Paracas, Nazca Lines & Ballestas Islands (omits extra night and Paracas)

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