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Ecuador & Galapagos Tours

“Diego was very well informed about animal life and wanted to make sure we all learned our facts and the pop quizzes got to be a joke among the passengers. George was great. We knew he would be waiting for us each time we returned to Quito and that he would get where ever we needed to be. He handled everything efficiently and smoothly. The wine on my birthday was a great added touch.”

Cathy Bierschbach (Galapagos & Ecuador)
Hermosa Beach, Ca

“This trip exceeded our very high expectations. Unbelievably good and thanks for all your help”

Jane Purbrook (Galapagos)
London UK

With 25 years of guiding experience and being Galapagos-born, we could not have asked for a better guide than Diego.
The Eden was an excellent boat and exceeded our expectations.
There was more than enough food and it was delicious to boot and even better when the regular chef came back on board. Very healthy food, too, and a snack awaited us when we returned from the afternoon activity.
-Island visits:
We loved having a daily snorkel activity included and an early afternoon cruise to search for whales and dolphins. Diego also fit in an early morning excursion the day of our departure from the Galapagos. The crew was extremely helpful and attentive and the boat was extremely comfortable.
-Quito accomodations:
The hotel was great and the staff very friendly and helpful. We came and went four times so we got to know them well. Laundry and free Internet service are available, too. The staff (Fernanda, Cristina) in Ecuador did a great job to make sure everything was going well for us. The airport transfers were on time (even at 3:45 a.m.) and efficient.
-Overall impression of the trip:
The trip more than met our expectations. We had a great time, learned a lot and made new friends. Both Christina and Troy were very helpful with the details of planning our trip, including other aspects of traveling in Ecuador.

Susan Hayes (Ecuador & Galapagos)
Seattle, WA

“Extremely well organised from the time we left home to the time we arrived back. At no time did we feel that we didn’t know what was going on. All members of the crew were friendly and helpful at all times. We had a wonderful adventure.”

Keith and Christine Simmons (Galapagos)
Sidcup, UK

“We had a fabulous time! Thank you and everyone at Go South Adventures for the fantastic job. I really appreciate you keeping me informed and providing additional information.”

Rosa Delhonte (Galapagos)

“I thought the trip was great and all of the travel arrangements by Go South were very well done. I would definitely use Go South when traveling to South America in the future. I really liked that you had a relationship with a travel agent in Quito with local phone numbers. It gave even more comfort to our trip”

David Roodberg (Galapagos)
Vienna, VA

“We were always interested and intrigued. Each excursion was of adequate length and varied. Troy , Thank you for organizing a glorious trip”.

Rayme & Allan (Galapagos)
Albuquerque, NM

“We have traveled extensively and this was the most well organized vacation we have been on. All the details were taken care of and I didn’t even have to worry about tickets as the guides looked after them all for me and handled everything very efficiently. A very relaxing vacation. Thank you”

Burbery Family (Galapagos)
Newark NJ

“Troy was a very patient ‘hand holder’ for me. He was always pleasant, patient and answered questions promptly and fully. We could not have asked for a better person to help us get this trip organized. I know that I feel so Fortunate that I found Go South Adventures for our trip”


“The Multisport trip to the Galapagos was great fun. We like the water sports best”

Bentley Burnham (Galapagos – Multisport)
Newark NJ

“This was a wonderful trip. The boat was above my expectations. The Galapagos Islands were extraordinary”

David Asch (Galapagos)

“Go South Adventures knows what they are doing. They were very good at answering the endless line of our questions”

Mark H. Hardenbergh (Galapagos)

“Thank you for the most wonderful trip. It was a very exciting and unique experience.”

Sandra Czarniecki (Galapagos)
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Acceptable given that the boat was small– deck was great . Service was good, atmosphere was wonderful. We all enjoyed our time on the boat–my 3 kids (ages 20, 17 and 10) said it was the best family trip ever.
-Meals (included)
Meals were excellent. Food was very well prepared and had good presentation. Varied meals–all delicious and satisfying. We all ate everything every meal and enjoyed it.
Mauricio was excellent: great attitude, knowledgable, sense of humor, kind, attentive, well organized, and extremely punctual. It was clear he loved his work.
-Island Visits
Definitely the highlight of the trip. Excursions very well organized and adequate time was spent on all the islands. The level of interest in the excursions was high–every island is unique. Snorkelling was a daily highlight–attention to the swimmers by the panga operators was great. Sometimes the swimming triggered apprehension in me–strong currents, macho sea lions patrolling their territory, cold water–but the boats were always there to bring me in whenever I raised my hand. That was a real comfort–especially knowing that my children were doing the same swims.
Overall impression of the trip: best family trip ever. It was pricey to a family of academics but definitely worth it. I have recommended the trip to friends at home and to people that I met in Quito. You can count on me to recommend you whenever the topic arises. I definitely would be willing to travel with your group again.

Ken & Family (Galapagos)
Brooklyn, NY

“We had a fabulous trip. It was full of wonderful adventures from the Galapagos to the Cloud forest in Ecuador to the Amazon and Incan ruins in Peru…Go South took good care of us.”

Sooz & Bill (Ecuador/Galapagos/Peru)
Seattle, WA

“The Galapagos was by far the best! I loved everything about the trip. Our guide Efrain Zambrano was outstanding. And the crew, the best group of people ever. Roxy and I felt as if we were leaving our friends on the last day of our trip. I truly miss those folks. I’m keeping in touch with Efrain because I would definitely request him as my guide next time I go. I’d like to see the other islands we missed. The Galapagos are a fantastic place and more so because of the great guide and crew on the Fragata. Well Jon, thank you again for a fantastic itinerary and memories I shall never forget. I will surely recommend you and Go-South Adventures to my friends who are interested in future trips to S.A.”

Damaris Lugo and Roxanne Mock (Ecuador/Galapagos)
New York

“We live in eastern Canada and chose to use Go South Adventures because of its expertise in South American adventure travel. Despite the physical distance, our questions were answered promptly and the actual trip turned out to be exactly as described or better. For example, everything was included – we weren’t faced with decisions to pay extra to join side-trips to see exclusive parts of the Galapagos. The program was full, professional, exciting and very well organized – all for the same posted price.”

Stephen Dixon and Evelyn Marcoux (Ecuador/Galapagos)

“We were very pleased with everything, especially (well especially everything) Diego from the park service and the company that is your counterpart in Quito was exceptional. We felt very well cared for and they were incredibly attentive. We had not anticipated the level of service we received. Talk to you soon. thanks so much, it was the trip of a lifetime for us.

Julie Mahoney (Ecuador/Galapagos)
Metuchen, NJ

“…, many thanks to you and your team for the trouble you have gone to, the service we have recieved has been exceptional (Galapagos) and if this is the norm then i am sure your repeat business and word of mouth recommendations is good. Muchas Gracias”

Charles Truman (Ecuador)
Derby, UK

“GUIDES GUIDES GUIDES – it was the guides that made the trip! We had superior guides to any around us every step of the way. Peru guides, especially a young girl that did the Lake Titicaca part, outstanding in every way. They knew their history and they new what we wanted in the trip. They were flexible and went off road when needed to show Flamingos etc…they offered friendship and really were amazing…Galapagos…Alex is tops…Ecuador was good…Benjamin in Peru is great and really offered us sooo much on every level. Little Juan in Cusco and Machu Picchu is great!!!!! The accommodations everywhere were wonderful. In Peru perfect level of comfort and cleanliness etc…In Ecuador the variety was great…Near Quito. Hacienda Pinsaqui is a must for all travelers! CENTRO FATIMA A MUST FOR ALL! And Jungle lodge in Ecuador and Bellavista are great!!!!!! Thank you for a great trip…you really have come thru and did a great job. We will use you for future SA trips over the next two years will go to Patagonia and all over Chile!”Thank you

Kevin Shimel (Peru, Ecuador & Galapagos)
Hoboken, NJ

“I throughly enjoyed the trip (Galapagos) and was especially grateful that all transfers were taken care of so I could just relax and enjoy myself.”

Terri Valerian (Ecuador)
Colorado Springs, CO

“All communication was excellent and everyone was extremely helpful when the volcano errupted and messed up my return flight (Galapagos).”

Carmen Lemon (Ecuador)
Colorado Springs, CO

Great trip (Galapagos), we really had a great time and thanks. Thanks and have a very Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year you helped make ours.

Norman & Cynthia Levine (Ecuador)
West Bloomfeild, MI

“I felt this deal was very good economically as well as everything else (i.e. the Boat, Guides, Accommodations, Meals, Island Visits, etc…).”

Matt Downs (Galapagos)
Bainbridge Island, WA

Galapagos islands are wonderful!!! Go-south-adventures planned a well organized trip. All I did was pick up the phone, tell them what I wanted and the trip is considered done. Great service across the board.

Paul Montenegro (Ecuador, Galapagos)
Collingswood, NJ

“Had a wonderful time. The Bellavista lodge was great. Lots of birds Tocans, etc. Great hiking. …. Beluga was a good boat (Galapagos)… The aninmals were great. Went to the tortoise farm on Santa Cruz where they are walking around in the wild. Swam with the sea lions on many occasions very playful. Pegiuns as well. There were alot in the water while we snorkeled. Sea turtles were everywhere. Had a good snorkel experience with them. There were 8 eating the algea will we snorkeled in about 4-5 ft water… you could touch them if you wanted. Then swam with the sharks white tips on the last day. there were about 8, 4-6 ft. Very good experience. Spent sometime at the volcano and market. very nice.

Linda Buthcher Family (Ecuador & Galapagos)
Houston, TX

Peru Tours

Georgeís reliability was a great stress reducer. Harry was very conscientious and attentive. Even when dealing with his grandfatherís death, he made sure we were taken care of superbly. He guided the hikes right to our level. He even provided us with walking poles to make the uneven stairs less stressful. We were really thankful he was with us in Puno when there was confusion regarding our flight to Lima. Harry stepped right in and handled everything with the gate agent. The extra reading material each night Harry gave us was a nice reference when going through the pictures. Oscar was eager to please and very enthusiastic. He was very attentive and made sure that all of our needs were taken care of and then some.
Claudia (the driver in Cusco and Sacred Valley) was excellent. She is very friendly and inviting. Her daughter and nephew (on his first visit to Cusco from Lima) were able to join us on the Sacred Valley tour which made the day even nicer and less touristy.

Cathy Bierschbach (Peru)
Hermosa Beach, Ca

“I can’t imagine taking another vacation that was not ‘adventure’ oriented. I will definitely consider GSA for any future travel. This trip is a lifetime memory for me and I would encourage everyone to put this trip on their “bucket list”! I cried like a baby all the way to the Lima airport and did not want to face that I would not be waking up the next day and seeing my wonderful and amazing ‘family’ and co-trekkers. I also found it difficult to face the fact that I would not be waking up the next morning in the most beautiful and rich country that I have ever been to. Its richness is found in the history of the people that built that country and in the people that live there today. The richness is also in the environment…with all its historical meaning and the influence it plays on our lives today. I am absolutely going back. Peru is a place where I would like to leave my ‘footprint’ and I mean that in a positive sense…I desire to contribute in some way so I can give back something in appreciation for all that I received.”

Deborah Bernal (Peru)
Vancouver, WA

“Thank you for assisting us with our South America Adventure. We all enjoyed the trip immensely. Our guide to Machu Picchu was amazing. Augusto Benito outshined all others who were hired to help us on the trip. He really enlightened us with his knowledge and ensured we always received first class service no matter where we were (on the trail, at the ruins, in the city, hotels, train, restaurants, ect). Give this guy a promotion and raise!! He goes beyond being a guide and certainly knows how to take charge.”

Sam Wercinski (Peru)
Scottsdale, AZ

“The Inca Trail and Lake Titicaca (i.e. the main bits of the tour) were awesome, and made the trip for us. We saw next to no other groups on the trail, and the campsites were well organized. The main reason for recommending Go South to our friends will be the Inca trail, both for the way it was run by the guide, and for the experience itself. The privacy of a small group, and the lack of a ìroute marchî feel enhanced it tremendously.”

William Gilbert (Peru)

“All communication with Go-South was helpfulócourteousóand informed. We have never been to South America before. Now having been, we would not go without a tour. The guides were great advocatesócommunicating, dealing with baggage/transportation, recommending restaurants, advising.”

Gerry Largay (Peru, Galapagos)
Atlanta, GA

“…we want to tell you that it was a fantastic trip … thank you so much. The guides were wonderful. The arrangements were wonderfully done – always someone there to take care of us, and very nice places. We’re having a hard time living on our own now (*..*). Milagros was so wonderful and nice. Washington is simply incredible – a true ambassador. Risso and Orlando were energetic, knowledgeable, and terrific. Please tell them all that they’re wonderful.”

Carol & Gene Riordan (Peru, Galapagos)
Boulder, CO

“Excursions were all wonderful. We all agreed that this was one of our best trips ever. We all appreciated the guides (Patricia) depth of knowledge in Cusco and Machu Picchu. She was great in helping us with things in the Pisac market, made Janet (the slowest of the hikers) feel very comfortable and was always ready if we needed anything”

Larry Horne (Peru)
Camarillo, CA

“I didnít really know what the bus trip from Cusco to Puno was all about ëtil we were on it. It was a wonderful surprise that it wasnít just a simple bus ride from here to there, but it was a guided tour with stops at places of interest. The bus was comfortable and had great big windows, and the tour guide went seamlessly from English to Spanish and vice versa. His narration was very good. THANK YOU for arranging the tour bus as our transportation that day! Also, the train ride from Cusco to Aguas Calientes was gorgeous–and there was even entertainment inside the train on the way back! All in all, we had a fascinating, highly memorable time. The trip exceeded expectations– and I expected it to be fabulous! The Peruvian people were so nice, and the country just really touched my heart deeply. I thought this would be my one time in a lifetime to go to Peru, but now Iím wanting to go back! I would highly recommend it as a destination for anyone with a interest in history, geography, different cultures, and an adventurous streak. Great trip! Great memories! Thanks, Troy! We really enjoyed it.”

Anya Blasser (Peru)
Portland, OR

“The ABSOLUTE highlight for us was the ìsurpriseî eucalyptus sauna after our hard day crossing the 14,000 foot ìDead Womanís Pass.î David and Walter visited a sauna in Cusco about a year ago and decided to figure out how to do that on the trail. WHAT A TREAT! And they repeated it the next night because we liked it so much! Every other trekker we mentioned this to was blown away (and VERY jealous!). We were a bit older than the average hiker and worked harder and went slower. These guys took incredibly good care of us!”

Jane Lansing (Peru, Bolivia)

“I have NEVER been anywhere so beautiful. This rip was fabulous. The guides, the education, the whole experience is just unbelievable. Go South made everything easy and enjoyable. I’d travel with you again in a heartbeat! Thanks so much for everything!”

Lynn Adler (Peru)
Chicago, IL

“The trip was more that I expected and was an amazing experience. All support / guides were wonderful and knowledgeable, I learned so much about Peru and its people. Over all I am grateful for such a well organized and unforgettable trip.”

Carol Kitahara (Peru)
San Diego, CA

“We are very pleased, would and have highly recommend this trip to others.”

Eddie Ellingson (Peru)
Minneapolis, MN

“We had a great time and Washington was so knowledgeable. Our cook was fantastic – so good that I have been trying to mimic them at home.”

Michelle Barry (Peru)
San Diego, CA

“In a word, my experience of the Inca Trail was phenomenal. While this adventure was spiritually enlightening for me as an individual, the threads of passion and energy connected within our small group was extraordinary. Every minute of each day on the trail taught me something, whether it be perseverance, compassion, joy, or humility. It was always a shared experience and I never felt alone regardless of whether words were spoken.”

LeeAnn Braun (Peru)
Indianapolis, IN

“It was a wonderful experience with Go South Adventures for our trip to Peru. I would definitely use your services again and have already passed along your name to friends. Maybe the Galapagos will be next.”

Andy Heiskell (Peru)

“Go South adventures and the on-site operators were all great at making our trip memorable and without a hitch.”

Burbery Family (Peru)
Newark NJ

“Couldn’t believe that the 4 days on the Inca trail were over so fast. We had such a great time.”

Margit Haupt (Peru)
Dana Point, CA

“…both Carol and myself we were very happy with the service we received…our guide marybell did an outstanding job…we were very pleased…Juan came to our hotel in Cusco to make sure that everything was ok with us…I would not hesitate to recommend your services.”

Donna and Carol (Peru)
Schenectady, NY

“We had a fabulous trip. It was full of wonderful adventures from the Galapagos to the Cloud forest in Ecuador to the Amazon and Incan ruins in Peru…Go South took good care of us.”

Sooz & Bill (Galapagos & Peru)
Seattle, WA

It would be difficult to find better guides. They were especially kind to my Mother-in-law who was celebrating her 81st birthday…She told everyone Marybel made the Cusco / Machu Picchu leg of the trip possible for us. Marybel has a heart of gold and is always welcome in my home. Oscar, our native guide at Posadas Amazonas was a very bright, funny and highly professional individual.
They were all very nice, especially the Machu Picchu Pueblo…It was one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in. The Novotel in Cusco was also lovely and the staff exceptional.
All of our guides took obvious price in their work and what they were showing us. The level of expertise was superior so all the activities were a blast.
I have traveled all over Europe and the US. None of my other experiences have been nearly as well done as this trip. The whole 10 days totally exceeded my expectations. I’m not sure when, but I will be back!…I own a business that works in the tourism industry and am very picky about service. The US tourism industry could learn a thing or two from the folks in Peru. This is truly the trip of a lifetime. Many, many thanks!

Wendy (Peru)
St. Pete Beach, FL

“I would like to thank you all for helping us put this trip together and the efforts you went to make it work. All through our trip, people kept saying what a good organization you were and how very positive you were to work with. I would definitely say we agree with that…Your help and organization made it possible…In my opinion the most impressive thing was the coordination and effort it took you all our last morning due to the train strike on Thursday. Maybe dealing with such things in South America is normal for you all, but the efforts and coordination it took to get us to the Cusco airport on Friday was impressive. I was even relaxed during the whole thing, as by that time I had complete confidence you all would make it work.”

Scott Duncan (Peru)

Accommodations used were much nicer than anticipated.
-Meals (included)
On the trail, meals were unbelievably good…
Each guide was unique and clearly reflected their individual life experiences and passions. All were very open to our constant questions.
Wonderful, perfect trip…Peru is a geographically magnificent country, filled with kind , gentle people. The Andes and Amazon were beyond comparison. Thank you all so much.

Janet Faghihi, NY (Peru)

“Just a note to let you know how much we enjoyed the”Classic Inca Trail”trip. It was absolutely wonderful. Juan, our guide, was excellent, the food superior (I don’t think I lost a pound because of all the food!) and overall excellent service from all the Go South people involved (including the porters). We are going to recommend this trip to our”hiking”friends. We will have many enjoyable memories from this trip.”

George and Carol Well (Peru)

Hotels were both great. Trail sites were magnificent & equipment excellent.
-Meals (included)
On the trail, meals were unbelievably good…
David (Inca trail guide), Walter (cook) and porters were amazing. Guides in Cusco were extremely helpful.
All personnel involved with our stay in Peru were wonderful, helpful and friendly.

Maureen Phillips & Doug Horst (Peru)

-Accommodations (overall impression)
The accommodations were no where near what I expected them to be. They exceeded my expectations…
-Meals (included)
Words cannot express the great gratitude for the amazing gourmet 4 course meals that miraculously appear at times when I honestly was expecting no more than plain camp grub. Now, that’s not a one time occurrence. I was pleasantly surprised 3 times a day. And did I mention Tea Time? Whew! These people know how to feed you. Now you tell me what beats Tea Time with biscuits and popcorn at 11,000 ft above sea level.
-Activities / Special Events
Intimate and personal group dynamics allow for creative, exciting and spontaneous changes in the itinerary to meet the group needs and group vibe. Flexible yet organized and efficient.
-Pre-Departure Information
Jon, thanks or all your help I getting everything I needed for this trip together for me. Thorough, timely and perfect. Not too much and not too little. From registration to arrival, the process was simple, welcoming and streamlined. I knew I was in good hands.

Mercy Chui (Peru)
San Francisco, CA

“Our trip was wonderful. Each of your drivers, greeters and guides could not have been better. They were always there to greet us with our documents exactly at the right moment. Everyone was friendly and cheerful. Our guide, Juan Gomez was the best. He was knowledgeable, spiritual, polite and always helpful and caring.”

Karla & Dave Berman (Peru & Galapagos)
Denver, Co

“…Sarah and I just wanted to thank you and let you know we had an amazing time in Peru, with Go South. Juan(ito), our guide was absolutely amazing. His gentle passion for naturalism, history, and a pride in his Quecha roots were evident. We wound up with a group of seven, which turned out to be perfect, certain people needed encouragement and support at different times on the Inca Trail. The accomodations in Cusco and Lima were perfect and we had no problems with any contacts, drivers, or coordinating arrival/pickups. In fact a few people went out of their way to help us do some extra things (like eating guinea pig in someones backyard in Tipon). The porters were a godsend, humble and kind, and the cook amazing. All of the food was, if anything, too much, but hearty and above all expectations. Thank you again and Sarah and I will definetly use you again and recomend you to anyone who needs such services.”

David Potash & Sarah Knoefler (Peru)
San Francisco, CA

“I would like to thank you all for helping us put this trip together and the efforts you went to to make it work. All through our trip, people kept saying what a good organization you were and how very positive you were to work with. I would definitely say we agree with that…Your help and organization made it possible…In my opinion the most impressive thing was the coordination and effort it took you all our last morning due to the train strike on Thursday. Maybe dealing with such things in South America is normal for you all, but the efforts and coordination it took to get us to the Cusco airport on Friday was impressive. I was even relaxed during the whole thing, as by that time I had complete confidence you all would make it work.”

Scott & Suzanne Duncan (Peru)
Greensboro, NC

Dave and I were absolutely thrilled with the seven day hike…From the moment we stepped off the plane in Lima we have been treated very well. The hike was the icing on the cake though…Then we met up with a group of 15 for the Inca Trail, which worried me a little because of the large number of people. It was all handled so well. The group was great and the staff was wonderful. We have never been so spoiled in our lives. You can count on many more clients in the future, just from our recommendations. We are thrilled with everything!”

Crista & David Strople-Horn (Peru)
German Town, MD

“Thanks Troy. The trip Go South Adventures put together for us was great. My friends and I will never forget our trip to Machu Picchu, the train ride itself was unforgettable. Jeff really wants to go back to the Amazon to see more 6 ft. river otters. Despite”South American”time, we really appreciated that the services were on time and that the hotels were clean and convieniently located. We’ll be back”

Mark and Terry Hellenkamp (Peru)
San Diego, CA

“It was great having women guides because it gave us the opportunity to get to know the customs and lives of the real people as with limited Spanish we did not have many other opportunities to interact with Peruvians at such a personal level. These women were very warm and personable and I am gratefull to have had the opportunity to get to know them a little.”

Louise Hansen (Peru)
Palo Alto, CA

“Accommodations: The hotels all met my minimum standards of clean with hot water…”Meals: The food on the trek more than exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much for the wonderfull experience.”

Jennifer Humphries (Peru)
Claremont, CA

I’m back! I had an incredible time – I love Peru! I will definitely be going back…. I can’t wait to see how my photos turned out! All of the tours went great – I just wish I had more time to spend there! I met so many fantastic people from around the world too… that made the trip even better. …Well, thanks again for everything and all of your time and advice!

Cecilia M. Padres (Peru)
San Francisco, CA

“…I thoroughly enjoyed my trip. I found the tour well organized, the local representatives who met me at the airports and hotels were very friendly, very helpful and made sure that I had all the information, vouchers, etc., that I needed.”

“…The trip represents excellent value for money and for me, excellent use of time as I did not have much time available for my trip. This trip met my needs exactly. Well done!”

Pre Departure Information:”…Your pre-trip information regarding clothing, climate, documentation, etc. was very accurate and very helpful. I found that I took everything I needed and did not take anything unnecessary.”

Guides:”…Marco was an excellent guide…highly knowledgeable, enthusiastic, excellent English and very keen to make the experience as memorable as possible.”

Gerard Murphy (Peru)
British Virgin Islands

“The trip was wonderful and I cannot say enough about the contact in Cusco, Juan, who was very available, responsive, and positive. He was very helpful and able to be flexible when we were struggling with the altitude. Our guide, Juan (Gomez) was very wonderful and a perfect fit for our family. He was very knowledgeable about the ruins, the terrain, the Andean religion, and trekking. We all felt that we were in good hands and sought his advice and followed it many times… As you can tell we had a wonderful trip and I would return in a second with Go South and all the people we met through your group.”

Suzanne Reitz (Peru)
Wayland, Massachusetts

“Kale and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Peru. Everything was taken care of as soon as we stepped foot off the plane. It was wonderful not having to worry about a single thing. We were especially pleased with being able to enjoy such a packaged trip without having to join a group. We were able to pick our own dates and have our own private tour. All of the people who participated in our trip were super friendly, always trying to teach a little something, and always greeted us with a huge smile…that include everyone from the persons who picked us up from the airports, to our guide Juan (Gomez), to the cook and the porters, and even to Juan the coordinator in Cusco. We will certainly recommend Go South to anyone we hear that is considering a trip to South America.”

Carolyn Holden (Peru)
Denver, Colorado

“This was, by far, the best trip I have ever taken. Your entire team, were excellent. There is nothing more you guys could have done and I will be spending more time in South America with you, because of it.”

Nick Healing (Peru)
San Ramon, CA

“…our trip to Peru was an adventure beyond all our expectations! Every aspect of our trip went smoothly. Our guide was wonderful. He shared his knowledge and love for his culture with us. Through him we received a true understanding of Peru. Our stay at the Tambopata Research Center was the absolute greatest part of the trip. I would recommend this adventure for every family. I will recommend your company every chance I get!

Patty Petry & Family (Peru)
Rockford, IL

“Hello, my name is Aaron Kinion. I had the pleasure of taking the Machu Picchu/ Lake Titicaca trip through Go South Adventures this past November. First, I just wanted to thank your group for putting together a fantastic trip for us. I had never been outside the US (other than Tijuana, MEX or Victoria, CAN) and was a bit nervous about traveling. Your tour was superb at putting any fears I had to rest. There was always a friendly, reliable guide close at hand to attend to anything we needed. We never felt unprepared, thanks to them. All of the details had been taken care of and we could just enjoy the absolutely amazing sights and culture. I also have to point out that our guide in Cusco/ Machu Picchu was fantastic. Looking over the other testimonials on your web site, it looks like”little Juan from Cusco”has already gotten a lot of praise, but let me add some more. He knew all there was to know about the culture, history etc. He was more than willing to take us on some early morning hikes to the smaller ruins at Ollantaytambo and to tell us all about the local artists in Cusco. Juan Aguirre really made the trip for me.

Aaron Kinion (Peru)
Seattle, WA

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Go South Adventures is an exceptional travel agency that exceeded our expectations in all aspects. My boyfriend and I booked a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Patagonia (Torres Del Paine, Chile) using Go South Adventures and are grateful we did! I rarely write a review, but both Jessica and Troy deserve to be recognized for their excellent customer service and passion for travel. My boyfriend is in the military and I am a resident physician, so getting our holiday vacation schedules to match gave us very short notice to throw this type of trip together. Troy, having been to Patagonia five times previously, was extremely knowledgeable and accommodating. He went above the call of duty in answering our questions about Patagonia/Chile and providing recommendations outside of our itinerary. We decided to do the 5-day EcoCamp Safari tour and it was amazing. The facilities were clean, beds were comfy, and food was delicious. In addition, the guides were friendly and knowledgeable. If you are active, I highly recommend trekking Towers Base for many breath-taking views. An unfortunate incident that took place during our travels was that one of our luggage was “lost” somewhere between Miami, Lima, and Punta Arenas by the airlines. I was able to send a quick email describing what had happened to Troy and Jessica before heading out to remoteness of Patagonia. They graciously offered to help (despite the fact that it was around Christmas time) and we were pleasantly surprised to get our lost luggage delivered to the EcoCamp the following day (the EcoCamp is located 5 hours by car from the airport)! This should speak volumes about the level of customer service and care you receive from Go South Adventures. Furthermore, prior to leaving for our trip, I asked Troy about the possibility of traveling to Isla Magdalena after our Safari tour. He did extra research and made it possible! I am certain that our amazing trip to Chile could not have been pulled off without Go South Adventures. We endorse this company with the highest possible recommendations to our friends, family, and other travelers we have met through our journey.

Grace & Dallas (Chile)

We’ve never arranged a trip through someone before. Usually we plan it ourselves. It was nice having everything handled, pickups and finding trail heads especially. Troy, definitely appreciated working with you — the straight forward language and absolutely the patience and return calls at any hour. We look forward to planning something else with you, maybe Machu Picchu or something.

Shane McLaughlin (Chile)

“Your service was superb in both the preparation and execution. As complete novices we could easily have had a bad time if we didn’t have the direction, organization and guidance obtained through your service. We were able to let go of travel concerns and turn full concentration to the wonder of Patagonia. Many Thanks!”

Michael Fournel (Chile)
Raleigh, NC

“We felt so spoiled, the food was delicious and healthy, the hotel we stayed at on the first night was absolutely perfect. The tents were spacious and clean, and the refugios were a lot of fun to stay at.”

Kristen Weinstein (Chile)
Pleasant Hill, CA

“This was my first time traveling to South America. Chile was a great introduction. All the services (tranfers, hotels, guides, etc…) provided by Go South really made the trip enjoyable. Patagonia was fantastic! I was genuinely surprised at how good the food was on the trek. Thanks again guys.”

Miana Bourn (Chile)
Renton, WA

The trip exceeded my hopes and expectations. It was fantastic. In addition to the south, I love Santiago and Valparisio. Services provided [by Go South Operators] are of the highest quality.

Rick Kritzer (Chile)
Columbus, OH

“Guides: Contributed to an extremely positive, rewarding trip. Very informative and attentive to the group. Very knowledgeable.
Accommodations: Excellent service.
Meals: Quality food and plenty to eat after 9 hours on the trail.
Pre-Departure Information: I felt completely prepared.”

Al Donatio (Chile)
Swampscott, MA

“Wanted to let you know that Pam and I had an amazing time on our trip. The weather was uncharacteristically beautiful so we had tremendous views of Grey Glacier, French Valley the Paine Massif and the Torres – truly unforgettable sights. However, what really made the trip great were the guides – Rafael & Matias – who went above and beyond the call of duty.”

Dan & Pam Unger (Chile)
New York, NY

“We appreciated the last-minute assistance in rearranging our arrival in Santiago and our connecting flight to Punta Areanas when our delayed American flight caused us to slip our schedule one full day. Once we boarded our outbound flight in SEA on 3/20, everything went like clockwork.

The description of Patagoniaís changing weather certainly was accurate and prepared us well for the hurricane-force winds, heavy rain, and sunny days that we experienced.

Brian took great care of us in Santiago, and we enjoyed the city tour including our visit to the craft market.

Although we have traveled to South America twice before, we were quite impressed with Chile and certainly want to return again. The trek in Torres del Paine was an adventure of a lifetime. The Southern Ice Fields was a fascinating aspect of the trip. Go South Adventures, thanks for all of your efforts.”

Hal, Carol, and Greg Howard (Chile)
Portland, OR

Bolivia Tours

It was a fantastic trip (Galapagos/Bolivian Amazon). All the guides were great…I’d be hard pressed to say what was the best part.

-Guides: Excellent, we always saw everything he said we would. They were knowledgeable, fun and responsive.

-Food: Great food. I never went hungry and never got sick.

I would easily do any of these excursions again and may just do that with my parents, thanks!!

Mark Plummer (Ecuador, Bolivia)
Aptos, CA

“The trip was fantastic. All the accommodations worked out fine and of course the Amazon was amazing. Challalan was not only interesting, but a learning experience. We had the whole place to ourselves and Nelson, our guide, is the best!…Again thanks for helping us at such short notice.”

Megan and Mark Silva (Bolivia)

Costa Rica Tours

1) Go South Adventures organisation was excellent. All meet and greet, transfers, tours happened as scheduled.
2) Best tour was the Manuel Antonio Park guided walk. The guide really knew his stuff and was great at spotting animals, of which we saw lots and lots.
3) Costa Verde Hotel is very good. Nice rooms, good staff, good restaurants (for Costa Rica).

Beecroft Family (Costa Rica)

“We were really impressed with Go South Adventures follow up and quick responses to all our questions . The trip description was very accurate. Everything went like clock work and we were able to enjoy the people and country so much more!”

DeAnn Diefrich (Costa Rica)
Seattle, WA

Mexico Tours

“Very knowledgeable as well as personable. Thanks for a memorable trip.”

Michal Buren (Yucatan)
Green Valley, AZ

“Fernando was the best guide, he was very knowledgeable in Mayan history”

Trudy Kupaka (Yucatan)
Delta, B.C.

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